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Product Name:Electric Actuator

1. Motor type: 3 Phase, Squirrel cage
2. Power supply: 380V/3phase 50Hz, 460V/3phase 60Hz
3. Local control and/or remote control
4. Ingress protection: IP65, IP67, IP68 / Class 1 Group C&D
5. Enclosure: EEXD IIB T4
6. Motor accessories: Thermostat and Heater for Winding
7. Location of limit switches: Full Open / Full Close / Fault
8. Limit switch type and rating: DPDT, 2AMP., 24VDC
9. Valve action on fail condition: Lock
10. Normal operation of valve: Open
11. Local/off/remote selector switch: Yes
12. Operation of push buttons at local: Open/Close/Stop
13. Operation of push buttons at remote: Open/Close/ESD
14. Position indicator: Yes, Local

Please inform your exact technical datasheet or your site situation when select the actuator.

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