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Product Name:Pneumatic Actuator
Rack And Pinion Pneumatic Actuators Baw Series

1. The main characteristics of BAW pneumatic actuator:

BAW pneumatic actuator is divided into double-action and single-action (spring reset), with two split cylinders, great output torque, and nimble and stable action; the piston rod is plated with hard chrome, with very good abrasion-resistance; there are oil-free lubricating bearings or guide rings among all the slide parts to reduce friction coefficient and prolong the using time. The C-curve output torque of BAW pneumatic actuator is more suitable for ball valve and butterfly valve.

2.Standard parameters
Basic design
Air-actuated double-cylinder double-piston fork-style rotating mechanism.
Model BAWxx = double-action model
Model BAWxxS = single-action model (spring reset)
Rotary angle
Double-action model = 90o
Single-action model = 90o
Angle adjustable -5o~+5o from both ends
Suitable temperature
-20oC ~ 90oC
Atmospheric temperature pressure
0.4 ~ 0.7 Mpa (maximum 1.0Mpa )

3.Model compilation
(1) Air-actuated performer----------------------------------(for example)BAW
(2) The size of cylinder internal diameter 13/17/20/22/25/28/35/40/49/
---------------------------------------------------------------------(for example) 28
(3) Single-action model (spring reset)------------------(for example) S
(4) Hand control mechanism------------------------------(for example) SD

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